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Girls can draw motorcycles too, right?

I'm a newly hired Creative Automotive Designer for General Motors and a recent grad of the University of Cincinnati's DAAP Industrial Design Program. I have worked as a designer for Speck Products, Under Armour Footwear, and Motorola Mobility. I am an aspiring moped/motorcycle designer and this is some of my work, sketches, photos, and things I find inspiring in industrial and automotive design.


Here are some more images of Salena’s costume of Sheik. For how complicated the costume looks, it was actually pretty easy to do. It was her first Con and she’s typically not the nerdy type, so picking a character was difficult. Sheik was about the only character she fondly remembered as I used to play Super Smash Bros. Melee with her on Gamecube when we were younger.

She wore a blue long sleeve Under Armour shirt and we bought some navy leggings from Forever 21 for the pants. For the painting across her chest I bought a 3-pack of boys’ white T-Shirts and we painted them with acrylic paint and cut up the extras for her bandages, body wraps, and the ninja face mask. For the lighter blue shapes on the leggings we bought another pair of lighter blue leggings and i drew on the shapes while she wore them and then cut them out. We then hand stitched them on to the Navy ones and painted the edge with white acrylic. Some navy-colored knock-off Toms shoes and we were ready to go!

She was so popular at the Con. She was really surprised by how many people knew who she was and wanted pictures with her, Even Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters TAPS who was there signing autographs got out of his seat while talking to fans and asked for a picture with her. (I guess he was a big Zelda fan)

All in all, I’m super happy that she had a fun time. She was really into it by the end, and I know she would never have enjoyed the experience had she not picked out such an awesome costume.

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